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Solutions for ischool


ischool’s Live Tracking dashboard enables educational institutions to gain real-time visibility of vehicles and ensure safe and secure transportation for children.

ischool Parent App ensures parents have complete knowledge with proper control on their children’s transportation to school.

Parent App, helps parents track their child’s school bus movement in real time. You They can also view Driver and Vehicle details and call Driver from the App.

The smart Summary and Live map view which presents the most important and actionable data. Panic alarms are instantly highlighted on the dashboard and stakeholders are notified via SMS and automated calls for quick action.

Attendance Management

Integrated Attendance Management System ischool integrates with your school Management System “ERP” and enables students, both transport as well as non-transport users, in marking their attendance.

Transport students mark their attendance while boarding the bus. Non-transport students mark their attendance at the school gates.

Attendance confirmation are available as notifications in the Parent App as well as SMS, as required.

Attendance Management

ischool driver app helps parents to communicate with the student . It enables the parents to pickup/drop the student via the app.

  • Live Tracking Dashboard
  • Employee App
  • Driver App
  • Parent App