Education Management Solutions


Education and Knowledge Management Solutions

E-learning is the process of acquiring knowledge using electronic technologies outside a traditional classroom. Such platforms help to get a degree or just pass a certain course. Colleges and universities also start employing e-learning software at great speed to enhance their educational processes.

NeuSoft has been engaged in the development of educational and knowledge management software for more than 10 years. We provide optimal solutions of any complexity: from mobile and desktop applications to enterprise level software based on our proprietary know-how.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Interactive Multimedia Training System

Our company has the R&D department that actively deals with
document management.
Today we can retrieve necessary knowledge from clients’ corporate systems and create solutions able to
raise their company intellectual capital. Our long experience is accumulated in our proprietary software
platform – Intellexer™.

It is a complex natural language solution aimed at handling documents of any type. Being aware of the specifics of working with corporate clients, we use Intellexer SDK or online API to integrate our tools with your corporate systems in case the development of custom knowledge management software is unreasonable.

Educational software

NeuSoft provides e-learning software development services for:

  • Educational institutions
    Interactive training courses, learning management systems, computer-based training systems.
  • Commercial organizations
    NeuSoft solutions for rapid training or retraining of employees, preparation of analytical reviews, information-reference systems and trends of product or technology evolution.
  • Trade companies
    Educational programs, training, and online manuals for sales agents.
  • Sport organizations and communities
    Easy-to-use solutions for coaching, networking, sharing experience and news about sport events and athletes; a centralized storage of videos, coaching sessions; online video coaching tools and other resources; support of reports in the HTML format, role- and group-based access.
  • Research institutions
    Knowledge-based, computer-aided systems for analyzing challenging problems and applying inventive rules, trends, strategies and a number of other tools for the problem solution.

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