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Event Organizer
(Conference –Exhibition –Workshop-Festival-Meetings)

We have a specialized crew in Neusoft in the field of Exhibitions, Conferences, and Events. We are providing Event Management and Event production services by qualified and experienced staff.

  • Event planning and Management
  • Design and implement expo suites, theaters
  • E-marketing and sponsorships
  • Registration Services
  • Brand and Prints
  • Public Relations

Our Projects

Très Court International Film Festival The French Short Film Festival is being held since 1999, and this is the 21th session.
The festival is a great success, not only at the level of France but also at the level of the many countries it has been involved in for 20 years. Egypt joins the list with the participation of the French Institute in Alexandria.
The festival is organized in Egypt and the Middle East through the representative of the official festival NEUSOFT.


Short Film FestivalLearn more about VS Film

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