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Enterprise Facility Management Software

“End to End Facility Management Software that simplifies complex operations, aids cost reduction and improves efficiencies”

NEUSOFT is a modular facilities management system that works together with your business and allows day-to-day management of the processes, automates operations, provides a management dashboard for critical analysis and enables enterprise wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way.

Maintenance Management System

Maintenance Management System provides Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Property Management and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) features that facilitate the asset managers to track maintain and manage their assets, properties, facilities and equipment and get the best performance throughout their life-cycle.


Helpdesk module manages the work flow of registering, assigning and resolving of the job requests and problems reported in a facility or organization. The full history of actions taken, events, follow-ups, messages exchanged, response times and user feedback can be tracked via the helpdesk and call resolution functions.

Visitor Management System

The security requirements of large organizations and infrastructure are challenging and growing increasingly. Visitors should be screened, registered, signed in quickly and allowed to visit only the relevant areas via integration with access control devices. These challenges are managed efficiently by our Visitor Management System.

Facility Booking System

Facility Booking System helps streamlining of reservation and usage of common and individual facilities by businesses within a facility or building complex. The internet/intranet enabled facility booking, approval and billing operations across organizations enhances operations efficiently. Meeting rooms, conference halls, desk space, office space auditoriums, high cost equipment, training facilities etc. can be booked via the system.

Time and Attendance System

The Time and Attendance System provides improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity to the resource management and payroll process of organizations. This system has the roster management module inbuilt and integrates with the time & attendance and access control hardware systems to provide attendance, late clocking exceptions, overtime information of employees to the HR, Payroll and their respective departments.

Space Management System

Space Management System helps in tracking the space available in the facility and allocates space to departments and employees in an efficient manner, track occupancy for utilization analysis and reporting, help in department or project or account wise charge back and accounting leading to an efficiently managed space. The ability to manage the space by using floor-plans imported from AutoCAD, visually allocating space and the display of utilization analysis dashboard augments the user friendliness multi-fold.

BMS/BAS Integration

Our Solution integrates seamlessly with most Building Management/Automation Systems (BMS/BAS).

Automatic Work Orders Triggering

The alarms triggered by the BMS/BAS control systems can be captured and the work order can be generated automatically and emailed to the contractor or technician responsible to fix the same along with an SMS alert. By monitoring the equipment readings via the BMS/BAS systems, usage based preventive maintenance work orders are triggered.

Switching HVAC/Lighting

Our Facility Booking module, based on scheduled meetings and user preferences, by integrating with BMS/BAS systems can trigger the lighting, air-conditioning etc. at a specific time before the scheduled meeting. At the end of the meeting, after a grace period, our solution switches off the equipment automatically leading to energy conservation, automation and better user comfort.

Tenant Billing System

Tenant Billing System captures the resource utilization data of tenants directly from the corresponding meters via the BMS/BAS systems and generates bills automatically based on the defined utility wise/slab wise billing rates. The fixed service charges, monthly rentals, maintenance fee etc. can also be configured tenant/property wise.

Energy Dashboards

Energy Dashboards provides a high level view of the energy utilization, water consumption, green power generation and monetary savings with frill-downs for more detailed analysis.

The intuitive management dashboards are developed using Microsoft Silverlight technology providing excellent user experience and is a must have tool for the top management and managers of green buildings and large facilities.

Drawing and Document Management System

Drawing and Document Management System is a digital files management tool to store, track and manage information of all the drawings, documents, manuals, software etc. associated with the facility/building systems and equipment.

The floor plans, equipment drawings, building plans, technical drawings, wiring diagrams, network diagrams etc. can be securely stored, maintained and managed via the system, the extensive search provision helps in identifying and retrieving the documents quickly. The supported file types include DWG, BMP, JPG, PDF, DOC and many more.

Card Management System

Card Management System Helps to manage the creation, issuance and tracking of badges and passes to employees, contractors, daily visitors like drivers of employees, etc.

Travel Requests Management System

Travel Requests Management System helps the travel desk to track and manage all travel related requests like air ticket reservation, visa processing, foreign currency purchase, hotel reservations, car rentals etc.

The system also handles cost approval work flow, cross department charge backs; vendor invoices reconciliation and provides extensive reporting capabilities.

Workflow Designer & Engine

Workflow Designer & Engine is a full-fledged workflow management tool that allows administrators to implement complex workflows involving multi-level approvals, rule based branching etc. to all eFMS functions. This extends the customization and expansion capabilities of eFMS without touching the base software.

Mobile module

Mobile module enables service technicians, managers and other users to access eFMS via devises like Windows Phone, Apple iPhone, Apple iPAD, Android Phone, Android Tablet, and Blackberry etc. on the move.

Mail Room Management System

Mail Room Management System helps the mail room operations of large office complexes to track the outgoing and incoming consignments till the same is delivered. Mail room management is also a function of facility administrators and facility management companies.