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Software Maintenance and Support by NeuSoft

Software maintenance and support are an essential part of software development process, that both start before development to ensure that developers create robust and profitable solutions.

In NeuSoft all project documentation creation and development processes are controlled by QA department on every stage to release high quality and bug-free applications. All processes, documents and reports are developed and maintained in accordance with ISO standards. This is a customer oriented approach, because it allows us to support, modify and enhance projects created by NeuSoft easily and with lower costs.

Maintenance and support by NeuSoft

NeuSoft clients get a software support period that varies from 3 month to one year. It is basically included in standard development costs. We provide maintenance and support of both applications developed by NeuSoft and by third parties.

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  • IT support and maintenance (second and third line support)
  • Solutions enhancement and technical improvement
  • Quality Assurance Services (bug fixing, software testing, monitoring)
  • Unix/Linux System administration
  • Release management and administration
  • Monitoring of existing solutions
  • IT consulting and engineering consulting services
  • New functionality implementation

NeuSoft maintenance and support services are provided in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 international standards and possess high quality and efficiency. We are flexible and adaptive to new business circumstances and our business processes always correspond to customer needs and requirements.

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