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Custom Mobile Applications by NeuSoftsoft

The number of mobile devices permanently grows, and businesses understand the importance of smartphones and tablets users engagement.
As a mobile app development company, NeuSoft knows how to help businesses go mobile by developing powerful, user-friendly mobile apps
that will generate revenue and attract new clients. We cover the entire project cycle, bringing customers’ ideas to life with the help
of latest technologies and the most recent UX and design trends in mobile app development.

iOS and Android are the most evident choice for developers, as they are the most widely used platforms.
There are also other less common operating systems, such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
All the apps are created to fulfill specific business objectives.

Desktop Software Development Services

We build robust cross-platform desktop applications:

  • Standalone business software
  • Software utilities and plugins development
  • Client-server application development
  • Desktop applications for such platforms as Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS, Android
  • Graphic processing applications
  • Browsers and collaborative applications
  • Desktop games development

Additional services we offer:

  • Desktop to web applications reingeneering and migration
  • Desktop applications redesign
  • Desktop software testing
  • Maintenance and support services

The following platforms are used by NeuSoft for desktop application development:

  • Java development platform
  • C++ (WinAPI, MFC, WTL)
  • .NET Framework (WinForms, WPF)

Software Development Approach

NeuSoft is indented to provide leading-edge desktop software development services and applies different software development methodologies to build top-notch desktop solutions for customers.

Read more about our software development technologies.

NeuSoft offers major advantages to customers:

  • Secure desktop software applications development
  • User-friendly interface and rich functionality of created solutions
  • Latest development technologies and tools
  • Long-term support and new versions release
  • Production documentation and specification development – istallation and user manuals, help guides
  • Affordable costs and in-time delivery of desktop software applications

iOS Apps Development

Android Apps Development

Windows Phone Apps

Our Mobile App Development Expertise

Customer requirements and the latest technologies take the central role in each mobile software development project. NeuSoft’s customers benefit from using the following services:

  • UI/UX mobile design and interface development
  • Custom mobile software development
  • Webservices for mobile apps interaction with the server
  • Mobile app migration and porting
  • Mobile app testing
  • Trading platforms development
  • Entertainment apps development
  • Navigation software development

Advantages of Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile app developers exploit most recent technologies to design feature-rich apps. Our specialists have relevant experience in working on different projects ranging from simple mobile apps to software packages. Our mobile app development services include:

  • Design and development of mobile applications for any industry domain and of any complexity;
  • Mobile apps QA;
  • Project support;
  • Software development outsourcing (this approach is cost-effective and time-saving);
  • Provision of optimal solutions according to customer requirements.

Let’s discuss your business challenge and develop a perfect mobile application!