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Transportation Software and Logistics Solutions

This software is used to semi automate and optimize logistics- and transportation-related processes.

Such IT solutions can be successfully implemented in travelling and passenger transportation (ticketing, routing, insurance, transferring, etc.) and in cargo transportation (cargo planning, cost and calculation optimization, monitoring and security).

Our Expertise

NeuSoft has considerable experience in delivering comprehensive logistics software solutions, ranging from simple and single-purpose applications to complex enterprise information systems. Our experts design and develop logistics management systems able to model, analyze, visualize, and optimize all the processes within a transportation organization.

Logistics Management Software

  • Transport management and vehicle load control
  • Supply chain management
  • Traffic monitoring and optimization
  • Driver activity monitoring and management
  • Courier software
  • Itinerary, event, and meeting planning
  • Transit schedule tracking
  • Inventory management

Other Solutions for Transportation Companies

  • Order management systems (including management via the Internet)
  • Geo-aware solutions
  • Geospatial applications development
  • Solutions for CRM, pricing/payment systems & tools
  • Helpdesk solutions for logistics companies (remote helpdesk centers, call
    center software solutions with helpdesk systems)
  • Transportation management system for real-time vehicle tracking